Sub Dean TOL Update

Faculty TOL Staffing

Since our last update, some additional staff have joined the Faculty TOL Team. In particular, we would like to welcome David Barrett (Online Editor), Andrew Callaghan (LX Analyst), Sue Theobald (Digital Technologist) and Adam Webster (Digital Technologist) to the team. They join existing Faculty TOL staff members Ryun Fell (Senior Digital Technologist), Michelle Yeo (LX Designer), Deborah Scheele (LX Designer), Karissa Taylor (LX Designer) and Blaze Coops (Project and Administrative Officer). Together, these team members and the Sub Dean TOL are working alongside academics and other key stakeholders to implement the TOL Learning Experience Framework into nominated subjects and courses as part of the Phase #1 implementation.

Phase #1 Implementation Workshops

The Phase #1 implementation involves a development process which commences with the running of course-specific workshops. These workshops are used to determine the exact TOL elements which should be given priority within subjects that are part of the Faculty’s nominated courses for Phase #1. This workshop stage provides us with a great opportunity to consult with subject matter experts as part of the implementation process.

As noted in last month’s update, TOL workshops have already been conducted for selected math/stats subjects as well as for the Master of Cyber Security. This month, TOL workshops have been scheduled for the following courses:

  • Master of Cyber Studies and Investigations
  • Master of Dispute Resolution
  • Bachelor of Psychology / Graduate Diploma of Psychology

In the next update, we will commence showcasing some of the TOL specific enhancements that are taking place within subjects associated with these courses.

TOL Pilot Focus: Six Intake Sessions

This year we are piloting the use of six intake sessions for postgraduate computing courses offered in conjunction with our industry partner, IT Masters. For this pilot we are using the CSU international terms (201815, 201845, and 201875) along with the current standard sessions to allow prospective students 6 commencement options for their course.

I am pleased to report that so far this trial has helped us recruit an additional 62 new postgraduate students into the pilot courses. Furthermore, this number is likely to increase since we are still 3 weeks out from the commencement of the 201875 term. Also worth noting is the fact that enrolments for the standard sessions in these pilot courses have been consistent with previous years, indicating that these new term intakes did not draw students away from enrolling in sessions 1, 2 and 3. A great result!