Sub Dean L&T August update

G’day All hope 201860 has started well for you.

  • It’s not long before 201860 exams are due to be uploaded to the Exam Management System (EMS). If you’d like an academic literacy expert to cast their eye over your exam paper beforehand then please email our ALLaN Faculty Liaison, Debbie Wheeler.
  • Just before the 201860 session began we launched the first in a series of 3 Cheating at University activities. As students begin work on their major assessment tasks now is the perfect time to use these resources, accessed via the CSU Wiki, to begin conversations with your students about the personal risks associated with cheating at University. Activities on public risk and prevention and support coming soon.
  • As previously reported a project to significantly overhaul the Online Moderation System, known as the Quality Assurance and Reflection System (QUASAR), is underway. Two showcase sessions, to gather feedback from end users as the system is built, have already been held. The most recent showcase focused on moderation and grades (formerly known as ‘during delivery’) which should lead to streamlining of the grading process. The next showcase session will focus on planning and reflection (formerly known as ‘post delivery). If you’d like more info, to know who your school’s showcase rep is or to attend the showcase yourself please contact Michael Kemp.