Strategy and accreditation news

New staff resources for University Strategy

The website with University Strategy refocus and staff resources is now live. Go to to see videos, plans and staff resources. Transform Online Learning gets a mention in the news section.

This site will include updates and resources as they become available.  Use the strategy feedback button if you have thoughts on the strategy or your role in it – we’d love to hear from you.

University strategy website

Also, back in our Schools…

ACS accredits our IT and computing courses for another five years

Congratulations to the School of Computing and Mathematics , who have just had all of their IT and computing courses accredited by the Australian Computer Society (ACS) for another five years (2017-2022). The three flagship courses that require accreditation are:

Arif Khan (Course Director) noted that the recently released Australian Government higher education statistics show that CSU had 2,694 students enrolled in postgraduate computing courses in 2016, which is 86 per cent more enrolments than CSU’s nearest competitor.