What’s happening in WPL in August?


Meet a student – Matt

Matt Stewart completed a Bachelor of Business (Management) in 2017. During that time Matt did all three of the placement subjects BUS110, BUS220 and BUS370 to rack up 225 placement hours in total. He’s a sucker for punishment and is now doing a 2nd degree (Bachelor of Accounting) where Matt will soon take on ACC275 – a 100 hour placement in an accounting firm. Hats off to you Matt! We asked him what he thought about placement and you can hear that quick interview below.

Did you know?

In FoBJBS this semester across various schools we have 455 students enrolled in work placement placement subjects all of whom will be out there during the 1860 session working for a company or organisation of their choice.

Ever wondered (apart from skill development of course!) if our students actually gain anything tangible from the experience? The answer is a resounding YES! Our students gain much more than just a practical experience from work placement.

In the WPL unit we keep track of all the placement outcomes and it may come as a surprise to see just how many additional benefits students have report at the end of their placement. Our students get jobs, promotions, pay rises and more as a direct result of their CSU WPL experience. The graph below is a snapshot of the data going back to 2016 when we first started collecting this particular data.

It’s also pretty neat to see how WPL much contributes to CSU’s strategies of ‘Fit me to a job’ and ‘Fit in with my life’.



Coming up – Annual WPL workshop

The first ever WPL Faculty workshop is approaching fast and it’s getting a tiny bit exciting 🙂 We are currently developing all the materials and have a full and fantastic agenda talking up a storm on all things WPL. As a bit of a sneak preview there will be some banter about our WPL vision and direction and a look at what Engineering, Psychology, Business, Accounting and Justice are each up to in their WPL spaces. CSU Global, the Division of Learning and Teaching, Student Services, Career Services will be showing off their roles in WPL and TOL will be offering their latest update so help us see what WPL might look like this time next year. We’ll even squeeze in some time to workshop WPL with an eye on continuous improvement and best practice in our WPL space.

Be sure to watch out for our special edition of BJBS News next month where we’ll show you all our workshop shenanigans. In September not only we will dedicate our entire post to the Annual workshop but we will be doing this with the help of one of our very own WPL students! Anastacia will be doing a placement within the Bathurst WPL team getting stuck in helping to do some WPL interviews, profiles, attending our planning meetings, writing up some newsletter content and covering off on our big event.

Behind the scenes – The Learning and Teaching Leaders’ Forum

The forum is for senior learning and teaching leaders in Faculties and those Divisions involved in learning & teaching which mirrors the CD and HOS Forums. The forum aim is to provide more time for consultation & collaboration between Faculties & Divisions on learning and teaching topics. The forum is not a governance committee but rather is designed to workshop ideas that feed into CLTC and are referred from CLTC. The WPL Sub Deans each present a report at these meetings and give WPL a voice in a wider CSU community. The forum is an excellent venue for the discussion and cross-pollination of WPL ideas and the input offered from leaders outside WPL is invaluable. The membership consists of:

  • PVC (Learning & Teaching)
  • Dean of Students
  • DVC (Students)
  • Faculty Deputy Deans
  • Faculty Sub Deans (Learning & Teaching)
  • Faculty Associate Deans (Academic)
  • Faculty Sub Deans (Workplace Learning)
  • Directors, Division of Learning & Teaching
  • Directors, Division of Student Services
  • Executive Director, Division of Library Services
  • Directors, Division of Library Services

August staff profile – Jenny

Jenny Grainger is our WPL Manager and is based in Wagga. Jen does an amazing job overseeing our team of WPL officers. Nothing happens in WPL in our Faculty without this team and they do an incredible job of making an extraordinarily difficult juggling act look easy. Imagine placing 455 students in just two weeks – yet this team of stars will do just that.

What does Jen think about WPL at CSU?

“What I love about WPL is seeing a student’s journey through the placement subjects where they commence with not a lot of confidence and seeing them come out at the other end having gained a huge amount of confidence and actually succeed in getting the job they want. It’s a really fulfilling moment to see that transition from start to finish”.