Sub Dean L&T update

Hard to believe that session 201860 is just about here. Hope you’ve at least had a small breather and many thanks for delivering to our students in 201830. Although we’re now on the BJBS News platform (hooray!) I’ll try and stick to the same format:

  • As you know, there were dramas with the new Interact2 visual theme that went live just before the start of 201830 and some revisions were undertaken during February and March. There are no anticipated changes ahead of the 201860 session with the focus instead being on longer-term enhancements to the theme and to the capability of the editor. In the meantime, please make sure you test your 201860 Interact2 sites and if you are encountering problems then log an SRS ASAP.
  • DLT will soon commence active mentoring of the 2018 cohort of applicants for the Advance Higher Education Fellowship (formerly Higher Education Academy Fellowship). These Fellowships provide international professional recognition of experience and expertise in university teaching. Although the Faculty isn’t currently providing financial support; there is a significantly reduced fee for CSU staff. The process is intense and time-consuming but if you think you are up to it then contact Matthew Larnarch by 3 August 2018.
  • The new special considerations workflow has just been through its first end of session test. If you have any feedback please contact Kate Aylmore.
  • Likewise, the new subject outline tool has just been through its first major beginning of session test. By most accounts, it’s a big improvement on what we had but if you have any feedback please email
  • It’s just been confirmed that the 2019 BJBS L&T Symposium will be in Bathurst on 29-30 August, so save the date!

Quasars, coming to a galaxy near you

A project to significantly overhaul the Online Moderation System, and related processes of quality assurance, is underway. Led by our very own Michael Kemp (Associate Head of School, Computing & Maths) and known as the Quality Assurance and Reflection System (QUASAR, yep it’s up there for acronym of the year) we are rebuilding the tool, updating the moderation policy, changing reports and implementing changes to governance already approved by Senate. More details about the project (purpose, particulars, people, payoffs) can be found here. Adopting a similar approach to the subject outline tool project, the QUASAR project has already begun a series of showcase sessions to gather feedback from end users as they build the system. You can watch a recording of the first showcase session here. Every school has a rep on the showcase and your Head of School has more details. If you’d like more info, to attend the showcases or to know who your rep is please contact Michael Kemp.

Hero or zero?

Recently I was made aware of BJBS subject materials being made available on a website called CourseHero, which encourages students and educators to ‘share their knowledge and materials to help one another succeed’. They claim that ‘members may only share content of which they are the valid copyright holder’ and that ‘if a member contributes something that violates these regulations, please let us know so we can take appropriate action’.

To see if material from your subject(s) is available on CourseHero, search the site by subject code and institution name. It’s always a fine line but if you do see CSU copyrighted material from your subject, I recommend that you ask them to take it down, by completing the form on this page, and letting your Head of School know. I’d also be keen to hear about it.