Preparing for Session 2: how can ALLaN help?

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Embed an ALLaN workshop or resource

Students can focus more intently on learning the content in their subjects if they are clear about expectations and possess the necessary reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills to prepare assessment submissions which fully demonstrate their understanding – and this will make marking a more efficient and enjoyable process for you! I am happy to help by:

  • developing and facilitating online or on-campus tutorials or workshops on necessary academic writing and referencing skills
  • creating useful resources contextualised to the needs of your students, subjects, and assessments
  • deconstructing examples of good essays, reports, reflections, etc. to ensure that students understand how to produce the features of the texts required in assessments
  • creating a literacy window that provides just-in-time support for students
  • identifying useful learning and teaching strategies

Study guides, workshops, appointment bookings, and other information for students are available from

Contact me any time at or 07 55294140.

Announcements aligned to the student life cycle

Having trouble working out how and when to support the development of your students’ literacy and numeracy skills? This calendar of prepared announcements has you covered. Texts for announcements suitable for each stage of the session can be copied, modified, and pasted straight to your Interact2 site. No fuss, no bother, and links are already included!

Links to short videos for students

Imagine a world where all students had the skills to read and think critically, extract relevant information from lectures and videos, make useful notes,  proofread and edit carefully, and develop a logical, sequential argument. That’s a lot students need to know, but you don’t always have time to cover. Let these short videos do the work for you. Select those that are relevant for your subject, and upload them to your Interact2 site.  Don’t forget to tell students how useful they are!

Reading, listening, and observing skills:

Assignment writing skills:

The two YouTube playlists above contain all of the videos below. Pick and choose those which are appropriate for your subject and your students:

Becoming a critical reader

Reading resilience              

Learning through listening

Learning through video    

Making great notes            

Organising your Ideas       

Developing an Argument 

Essay Planning                     

Critical Thinking                 

Editing and Proofreading

Learning from feedback