Sub-Dean L&T update for May

Man with microphones

No that’s not me in the picture. Read on to find out why it’s there.

  • Many thanks to the 111 L&T Symposium attendees who provided feedback. This was discussed at a recent Faculty L&T Committee meeting and will inform planning for 2019, likely to be in the 201960 mid-session break (late August) in Bathurst.
  • We bought microphones (like the one in the pic!) for the symposium workshop on creating videos with smartphones. We’ve sent them to each CSU campus for your use. In Bathurst and Wagga contact the Learning Resources Unit, Albury Kath Dalton, Canberra Kellie Smyth, Goulburn Nicole Thurbon, PMQ Philip Hua.
  • End of session often means a jump in special consideration applications so make sure you’re familiar with the new special considerations workflow.
  • The new Subject Outline Tool is now live for 201860 outlines and beyond. Rather than trawling through emails, check out this page of the wiki for all you need to know.

Debbie Wheeler locked in as our ALLaN Faculty Liaison

Deb WheelerI joined CSU in 2012 and was most recently coordinating the implementation of the English Language, Literacy and Numeracy Policy. Language, literacy, and numeracy skills are critical for the academic and professional success of our students, so I am pleased that this ALLaN Faculty Liaison role will give me the opportunity to assist you to explore very practical support strategies that are efficient, effective, and contextualised to the needs of your subject, discipline, and students. You are most welcome to contact me anytime on (07) 5529 4140 or with any questions, issues, or ideas you may have. I look forward to working with you!

What is the BJBS Information Literacy Team?

LibraryA cross-campus team of librarians who:

  • assist with the delivery of classes Online or OnCampus.
  • build tailored Research Skills Guides for subjects.
  • develop generic resources including Library Resource Guidesonline library workshops and videos.
  • advise on Information Literacy & Research and Digital Literacy GLOs for subject or course renewal.
  • assist with reading list renewal.

See the Information & Research Literacies Guide for more information.