New (and used) support for the start of session


With the start of session approaching, it’s time to touch base again with what’s new (and used) in terms of support for all those pre-session tasks. Don’t forget the 201860 Subject Preparation Checklist – i2 sites are visible to enrolled students on 25 June. And if you haven’t already tackled your outline, now’s the time.

Preparing for session with CSU wiki

A suite of new resources has been developed to help you prepare for session. From reflecting on your past session to updating resources, revising assessments, tips on creating your Subject Outline with the new SOT, and building your i2 site.

This is a cross-Faculty initiative, that involves DLT and the three Faculties working collaboratively to develop shared resources. It has zero resourcing other than the passionate belief of those involved that we’re well and truly over having great resources hidden like buried treasure. It has a long journey ahead, but a one-stop, searchable shop linking to all things L&T is a journey worth travelling. If you want to know more, get involved or feed forward, contact Carole or Warwick.

What can your landing page do for you?

landing pageIf you left it too late last session to change up your landing page strategy, do it now. Did you know this suite of pages in the wiki has tips on:

  • creating a better bio pic
  • creating orientation videos
  • embedding interactive pages, such as Padlet
  • embedding pages that tell the story of your subject, such as Adobe Spark
  • how to address each student personally, by their name, as they enter your site
  • adding a gallery of videos

…and a whole lot more. I know I’ve said this a million times, but think about how you use that space. It’s important.

Alternatives to Padlet?

Last month, Padlet changed their pricing structure: from April, you can only have 3 new boards before you need to move to premium (which they have priced way too high).

For those of you who use Padlet a lot, that means clearing and reusing your old Padlets, or deleting those created since April that you are no longer using.

Or you might want to find an alternative. The current alternatives don’t have the same broad level of functionality – some are good for brainstormingothers for gathering resources etc), so there’s not one recommendation that we can offer – it depends on how you use it. If you need to talk through options, raise an SRS request.