Global accessibility awareness day

It’s Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD), and this video is a poignant reminder of the impact of a lack of proactive consideration of accessibility needs.

To celebrate the day, Bb have put on a series of excellent Bb webinars. Some key takeaways were from:

  • Dr Paul Harpur (UQ) who emphasised just how important ebooks are for many students who rely on screen readers – the time savings are immense.
  • Others outlined how they have used Bb Ally, ATBar and ReadSpeaker to significantly improve accessibility across their online offerings.

A lot has been happening here at CSU in relation to accessibility as well.

  • You might also like to recap how our how own Nicole Sugden ensures all her videos are accessible through using Dragon Naturally Speaking.
  • Miriam Edwards, as part of an AIF grant, drew together a number of recommendations to make your subjects more accessible. These are available on our wiki.

For those wanting a broader review of key issues around equity and inclusion, you might like to listen to this Beyond the Lecturn podcast with Dr Ryan Naylor from La Trobe.