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It’s that time of year again, but when you can take a breath from marking, don’t forget to come back and take a look around. If you have something great to share, the ASCILITE 2018 call for participation is now open (submissions close July 13).

Ramp up your digital skills

These tech tips come with a lot of kudos to Judy O’Connell, a colleague in FoAE. If you haven’t already seen it, the 23 things for digital knowledge could keep you very busy for a very long time in ramping up your digital skills. Or, you could just use it in the way it’s intended – dip in, find something you want to learn more about, use the tips and links and go and have a play.

  • Social media for researchers “Engagement with the wider community and the removal of institutional barriers are the key features of social media for researchers. Its conversational style encourages more open, proactive interaction and it also allows for informal professional engagement with colleagues across different disciplines.”